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DomoticaPi: Converting the roller blinds

The first step in creating my DIY domotica system is the motorization of my roller blinds. Normally you have to get up. Walk over to the window and pull the cord to open/close the blinds. Way too much work. My goal is to make opening and closing the blinds as easy as pushing a button (literally). And maybe in the future without pushing a button...

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DomoticaPi: Project introduction

This is an introduction post for my domotica project. The goal is to automate my home as much as possible with a tight budget. This means using mostly components that I already have lying around the house. Or ordering cheap components online.

This project will be spread out over multiple blog entries. One for every part that I complete. I hope to post updates as frequently as possible.

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Mijn Avans

(This app is focused on a dutch user base)

Mijn Avans, an app aimed at students and employees of the Avans Hogeschool in The Netherlands. With the Mijn Avans app you can:

  • Check your grades
  • View your test schedule
  • Check for empty classrooms
  • Find teacher information

Mijn Avans is build upon the Universal Windows Platform. That means the app runs on almost everything running Windows 10. The UI is tailored for desktop and mobile use.

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(This app is focused on a dutch user base so this post is in dutch)

Al jouw favoriete internetgekkies uit de gekkiecompilatie nu op Windows 10 (Mobile)!
Al je favoriete internetgekkies samen in één app. Beluister de fragmenten of deel ze met je vrienden!


  • Beluister je favoriete internetgekkies
  • Deel de fragmenten met je vrienden vanuit de app!


Get it on Windows 10